About U.S. AirWater Products


U.S AirWater Products was created with one goal in mind, to manufacture the highest quality and most innovative Heat Pump Products for the Swimming Pool Industry. We believe that quality, innovation and premier customer service should be the hallmark of our company.

U.S. AirWater Products is Different

U.S. AirWater Products' success is founded on the quality of our products, design innovations, unrivaled customer service, and the long-term relationships we build with our customers.

  • Our knowledge and experience in the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Pool Heating, and Solar Industry extends back decades.
  • Our Design, Develop, Manufacture integrated customer approach is unprecedented in our industry.
  • Our Heat Pumps are designed from the "Cold Up." They are the first and only heat pumps to achieve a 38-degree low temperature performance certification.
  • Our sales philosophy is unique; we do not sell to Internet re-sellers. We work directly with our dealers to help ensure their success. No other swimming pool heat pump manufacturer can make that claim.

Our Customers

U.S. AirWater Products focuses on building long term relationships with our customers by providing them with unique, high quality, innovative products and superior customer service. Our customers know that we support them and work hard to help them in their success. U.S AirWater Products has formed a "Team Spirit" that is rarely found between a manufacturer and its customers.

Our Products

Powerful Design, UltraQuiet Operation and ALL the Standard Features. At U.S. AirWater Products, we don't consider features optional, we consider them Quality.

  • We manufacture our heat pumps using only the highest quality materials and components. Every unit we manufacture is built for all environments. Every unit is built with non-corrosive, UV-resistant materials. Every coil is seacoast treated.
  • Our heat pumps are all designed from the "Cold Up." Most heat pumps perform well when the air temperature is in the 80's and the humidity is high, but the true test of quality is when the outdoor air temperature drops substantially. U.S. AirWater Products' Heat Pumps are the only swimming pool heat pumps Designed, Tested and Certified to perform efficiently and powerfully into the 30's!
  • Our Heat Pumps are UltraQuiet. All U.S. AirWater Heat Pumps quietly Heat or Cool with sound levels as low as 50 Db.

Our Commitment to Quality

U.S. AirWater Products' heat pumps are backed by superior engineering, quality manufacturing and exceptional warranties. Our heat pumps are Safety Listed to UL 1995:2015-07 and CSA C22.2 No.236:2015-07. U.S. AirWater's Heat Pumps are Performance Tested and Certified to AHRI Standards 1160-2014. Each and every unit is 100% run tested and performance tested before it leaves our factory. It is our tradition to manufacture products that exceed expectations. 


U.S. AirWater Products Factory in Sorrento, FL

Our Heat Pumps are Proudly Made in the U.S.A.