Breeder Heater, Aquaculture Heat Pumps


Finally, a heat pump designed specifically for the aquaculture industry



Maximize production and extend your growing season

Introducing, the breeder heater heat pump:

The Breeder Heater series is designed specifically for the aquaculture industry. They are available to meet all electrical requirements from 200 volts to 575 volts, from single phase to 3 phase and also 50 or 60 hertz. The Breeder Heater series features oversized heat exchangers for maximum heat output, larger evaporator coils with increased air flow for improved performance on the coldest days and full flow plumbing to handle the highest water volumes without significant pressure drop. Suitable for salt and fresh water, protected in all environments.

The advantages of controlled water environments:


·       Increased yields, faster growth rate, faster grow-out cycles

·       Healthier fish, higher reproduction rates, lower mortality rates

·       Reduced fingerling purchases

·       Increased fry recovery

·       Ideal for adjusting temperatures to maximize growth cycles

Standard Features:

Intelligent Micro-Processor Control with EasyView Display is capable of monitoring, analyzing and controlling your heat pump. Simple push button operation, large and bright LED display, automatic temperature controls, automatic defrost, digital lock code, built-in service analyzers, built-in compressor protection and remote system compatibility.

Protected in All Environments U.S. AirWater's Heat Pumps are engineered to last. Coastal environments and inland weather can be detrimental to the life of your heat pump. Weather proof construction is important. Every unit is seacoast treated, every coil is coated and every heat pump is constructed from non-corrosive, UV resistant materials.

Ultra Quiet Design Quietly heats or cools with sound levels as low as 50Db, almost silent from 10ft away. Our exclusive airflow system features a silencing fan top, integrated electronically commutated fan motor, forward-sweeping fan blades, compressor sound shield and vibration isolators to help deliver quiet operation by maximizing airflow and minimizing vibration.

Breeder Heater Heat/Cool Series The Breeder Heater Series can heat and cool, no other option can do both. Our state of the art control system can automatically switch from heat to cool or cool to heat. There is no need to change settings or make adjustments. Ideal for adjusting growth cycles.

Titanium Heat Exchanger backed by a lifetime warranty. The Breeder Heater’s Titanium Heat Exchanger design features the latest advancement in heat exchanger technology. Its enhanced tubing design gives 3-4 times the surface area compared to stander round tube heat exchangers, which equals more BTU’s per hour heat transfer. The 100% pure commercial grade titanium is impervious to corrosion and erosion.

Rapid Defrost (HC) uses the hot gas from the compressor discharge to defrost the evaporator coil. This is the most efficient way to defrost as heat is added directly to into the evaporator coil tubes which effectively defrosts the heat pump at a very rapid pace.