Introducing, UltraQuiet Chillers

What sets U.S. AirWater Chillers apart?

Our powerful design, Ultra Quiet operation and all the standard features. At U.S. AirWater Products, we don’t consider features optional, we consider them quality.

Standard Features

Intelligent micro-processor control capable of monitoring, analyzing and controlling your heat pump. Smart features include; simple push button operation, large and bright LED display, heat, cool and auto temperature controls, automatic defrost, spa timer, digital lock code, built in service analyzers, built in compressor protection, and remote system compatibility.

Protected from the weather. U.S. Air Water’s UltraQuiet Chillers are engineered to last. Coastal environments and inland weather can be detrimental to the life of your chiller. Weather-proof construction is important. That is why every unit is seacoast treated, every coil is coated, and every chiller is constructed from non-corrosive, weather resistant, UV coated materials.

UltraQuiet design The USAW Chiller quietly heats or cools your pool with sound levels as low as 50Db, almost silent from 10ft. away. Our exclusive UltraQuiet airflow system features a silencing fan top, integrated electronically commutated fan motor, forward-sweeping fan blades, compressor sound shield and vibration isolators to help deliver quiet operation by maximizing airflow and minimizing vibration.

Rapid defrost uses the hot gas from the compressor discharge to defrost the evaporator coil. This is the most efficient way to defrost as heat is added directly into the evaporator coil tubes which effectively defrosts the chiller at a very rapid pace. Frost insulates the evaporator coil surface which increases its resistance to heat transfer. This insulating effect, along with the restriction of air flow across a frosted evaporator, means decreased capacity and reduced efficiency. Rapid defrost maintains the evaporator’s optimal chilling ability.

Titanium heat exchanger backed by a lifetime warranty. U.S. AirWater’s titanium heat exchanger design features the latest advancement in heat exchanger technology. Its enhanced tubing design gives 3-4 times the surface area compared to standard round tube heat exchangers, which equals more BTU’s per hour heat transfer. The coaxial design allows pool water and refrigerant to flow in opposing directions, making it the most efficient heat exchanger available. The 100% pure commercial grade titanium is impervious to harsh pool chemicals.